Rumor: Nvidia to begin 40nm offensive in laptops

After launching its first 40nm Mobility Radeons in March, AMD has now spread the 40nm love to its desktop lineup with the Radeon HD 4770. Where does that leave Nvidia?

According to a Fudzilla report that quotes "several sources," Nvidia will also target notebooks with its first 40nm offering—and you might see some sort of public showing in roughly a month. At least, the site claims design wins could pop up at the Computex trade show in Taiwan, Taipei in the first week of June.

Fudzilla doesn't talk model names or specs, but an earlier news post by VR-Zone says Nvidia has two products lined up: a GeForce GTX 240M "performance part" and a GeForce G 210M for mainstream notebooks. VR-Zone says Nvidia may launch them in the May-June time frame, which coincides with Fudzilla's speculation.

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