EFA11's Driver Archive & 3dXtreme

I don't know why some of you are having trouble getting to 3dfx Gamers but the webmaster over at EFA11's Driver Archive let me know that they have all the drivers available for the 3dfx Banshee / Voodoo 2 - 5 / VoodooTV series of cards along with most of NVIDIA's Detonator drivers. They are in the process of combining their driver archive with 3dXtreme to better serve the community.

3dXtreme is welcoming Jarrod as their new Forums moderator. He is a former 3dfx tech support guy. Not only is 3dXtreme a great place to grab those elusive 3dfx drivers but they are also volunteering their own time to provide technical support. If that isn't enough, they are offering live chat as well so for those in need, head on over to 3dXtreme (taking technical support to the Xtreme) and see if they can't help solve your 3dfx and hardware related problems.

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