Deal of the week: AMD's new mainstream GPU and Left 4 Dead

We've found some great deals on high-end and mid-range graphics cards these past few weeks. However, we know more casual gamers don't need that much graphics horsepower. For those users, AMD's newly launched Radeon HD 4770 should be a nice fit—it has a low price tag, low power consumption, and performance good enough to run current games at a 20" or 22" monitor's native resolution (although you may not always be able to use the highest image quality settings).

Newegg offers HIS and PowerColor variants of the 4770 for $99.99 apiece. You can fill in the associated mail-in rebates for a chance to take the price down another $10, but those are good deals even without the MIRs.

What better game to go with a new mainstream graphics card than Valve's popular co-op zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead? The game should be free to play until 8:00 PM EDT (5:00 PM PDT) today, and Valve is selling it for just $23.99 this weekend only. (The regular price is $39.99.)

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