— 3:17 AM on December 27, 2000


  1. AnandTech's CPUs in 2001: roadmap update
  2. Rojak Pot's Win2k hints & tips rev. 1.6
  3. the Duke of URL reviews Best Linux 2000 R3
  4. Guru3D's Win9x/2k dual-boot guide
  5. Real World Tech's Alpha EV8 (part 2): simultaneous multi-threat

  1. littlewhitedog's Athlon 1.2GHz benchmarks
  2. AthlonOC's Project Watercooling Part 2
  3. Trainwrecker reviews heatsink / fan COP test system
  4. BXBoards reviews Virtual Channel Memory

  1. X-bit labs' Asus roadmap
  2. Digit Life reviews MSI dual 694D Pro
  3. OCworkbench reviews Soyo SY-7VMA VIA PM133 Socket 370
  4. LinuxLookup reviews Abit KT7-RAID (TR's review is here)
  5. MSI K7T Master 1.2 BIOS (thanks AMDZone)

  1. X-bit labs' Asus roadmap
  2. Maximum3D reviews Voodootv 200 PCI
  3. StorageReview on Pioneer DVD-305S 10X SCSI DVD-ROM
  4. Tech Extreme reviews Sony MZ-R90 Portable MiniDisc Recorder/Player
  5. 3D Rage review D-Link DMP-CD100 MP3/CD player
  6. ign pc reviews Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500 digital 5.1
  7. PlanetHardware reviews Thrustmaster FireStorm: dual power game pad
  8. Rojak Pot updates MS SideWinder SC rev. 1.01

  1. Sharky Games reviews Quake III: Team Arena
  2. FiringSquad's Serious Sam Test impressions
  3. Serious Sam Public Test Patch 2.1
  4. The Hardware Pub's SeriousScripter Beta 015: for Serious Sam to get more FPS, less latency, etc.
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