New Fallout 3 add-on goes up, gets taken down

Bethesda is having a hard time getting Fallout 3 downloadable content out the door lately. According to Shacknews, the third DLC pack for the post-apocalyptic role-playing game—entitled Broken Steelcame out for the PC and Xbox 360 earlier today. However, a number of PC users have been unable to install it.

To elaborate, Shacknews says the PC version of the $10 DLC can throw up an obscure error message during installation: "Not a cryptographic message or the cryptographic message is not formatted correctly. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8009200D)." Bethesda claims this problem has to do with Games for Windows Live digital rights management, and it's pulled the pack from the Games for Windows Live Marketplace as a result. Microsoft is purportedly working on a fix.

When it actually does install, Broken Steel should let players continue Fallout 3's single-player campaign after the original ending. You can join the Brotherhood of Steel and fight the remnants of the Enclave.

Incidentally, some Fallout 3 players also faced disappointment in March when Bethesda released the second Fallout 3 DLC pack, The Pitt. Shacknews then reported that the Xbox 360 version was filled with glitches to the point of being unplayable. The game world was even littered with floating exclamation marks. (Thanks to TR reader Stuart for the tip.)

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