Rumor: Apple could make a bid for EA

Could Apple attempt to purchase one of the world's biggest game developers and publishers? The Mac maker is at least considering it, according to Guy Adami from CNBC's Fast Money. sums up his prediction as follows in a show recap:

Adami noted that there is chatter that Apple (AAPL Quote) is eyeing Electronic Arts(ERTS Quote) as a takeover target.

Yeah—not exactly the most thorough analysis for such an unlikely prediction. The notion of a deal between the two companies may not be so far-fetched, though. Apple has been hiring a number of chip designers lately, including two former CTOs from AMD's graphics division.

Not only that, but according to PC Magazine, Apple recently poached the "senior director of business, insights and strategy" for the European division of Microsoft's Xbox business. Add to that the fact that Apple has been pimping its iPod touch as a gaming device—the "funnest iPod ever"—and a major gaming-related acquisition could make sense.

Oh, and as TG Daily points out, Apple is riding high on the success of iPhone and iPods—and it has ample cash reserves to show for it. EA's market capitalization is $6.86 billion just now, whereas TG Daily says Apple has about $29 billion in the bank.

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