Poll: How will Windows 7 compare?

The positive hype surrounding Windows 7 seems almost as fervent as the negative reactions to Vista. Apparently, Microsoft's next operating system will fix all of Vista's ills with improved performance, less bloat, and better polish, finally giving Redmond an OS to be proud of again. What's not to like?

Dissenters are keen to point out that Windows 7 still shares much of Vista's code, and it probably won't do much to resolve compatibility snags with older software and hardware. The short testing cycle might also leave too many bugs and security flaws unresolved in the retail release. Some even say Mac OS X and Linux are already superior solutions, and they'll only get better by the time Windows 7 is out.

What's your take? Many of you have probably had a chance to try the Windows 7 beta or release candidate already, which should make a comparison with other operating systems straightforward. Is Windows 7 shaping up to be the best Windows release—or perhaps the best OS—ever? Will it be another Vista? Cast your vote in our poll either below or on the front page.

Our last poll was about the user experience provided by Intel's Atom CPU. Based on 2,894 votes, the results are pretty clear: folks who haven't used an Atom-based system are more likely to expect a bad experience (27%) than a good one (15%). Among those who have used an Atom PC, however, more say they've enjoyed it (23%) than found it inadequate (20%). Another example of negative hype, perhaps?

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