New Intel ad: Our rock stars aren't your rock stars

After men in bunny suits and the Blue Man Group, Intel has kicked off a new advertising campaign. Instead of focusing on products, though, the chipmaker says it's celebrating "what makes Intel different [--] culture, personality, heroes -- and ways Intel has helped change the world for over 40 years." In short, Intel wants consumers to associate its brand with a personable community of innovators.

Here's one of the first two teasers in the series. (Spoiler: that's an actor, not the real Ajay Bhatt.)

The second teaser shows fictional Intel staffers on all fours looking for the company's "smallest chip" at a press event.

Intel says the Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign will go into full swing on May 11 in the United States, Germany, and United Kingdom. The ads will spread to "more than two dozen countries" over the next month. Intel plans to keep the campaign going for three to five years with "print, online, outdoor and other advertisement placements."

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