Rumor Patrol: ZDNN to buy "major hardware website"

Talk about "the Grinch who stole Christmas." Have you guys taken a look at this incendiary bit over at JC's message boards? There is a wild rumor going around that ZDNN will be buying out a major hardware review site in the near future. The many candidates for this alleged buyout include Tom's Hardware, AnandTech, HardwareCentral, Ace's Hardware, and yes, even [H]ard|OCP. The rumor is totally unsubstantiated but it is still fun to speculate (in the absence of anything else). The thread does bring up an interesting point in that many of these hardware review sites receive samples of products well in advance of the official release date. Since they are receiving this stuff for free, isn't it difficult to do an objective review? If they repeatedly bash products from a certain company, I would imagine that companies would stop sending them review samples. This is something that every hardware review website struggles with to a certain extent. Again, this is only a rumor. Probably by someone who didn't like some review and wanted to make mischief. Or not?
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