Report: New 45nm Athlons, Phenoms coming out soon

AMD has a host of new quad-, triple-, and dual-core Socket AM3 processors scheduled for the latter part of this quarter, according to TechConnect Magazine. Interestingly, the site says some of these new processors will be low-power parts with 65W and 45W power envelopes—a bit like Intel's Q8000S- and Q9000S-series Core 2 Quads.

Among the rumored low-power AMD offerings: two Phenom II X4s clocked at 2.4 and 2.5GHz and a pair of Phenom II X3s with the same clock speeds. TechConnect says AMD is also cooking up triple- and dual-core Athlon II processors clocked at 2.2-2.3GHz. The Phenom IIs should all have 65W power envelopes, while their Athlon siblings will be rated for 45W. As previous reports have hinted, the only difference between next-gen Athlons and Phenom IIs may be missing L3 cache—and likely lower prices—on the former.

That's not all. In a separate story, TechConnect predicts the arrival of three dual-core Athlon II X2s clocked at 2.8-3GHz, two dual-core Phenom II X2s running at 3-3.1GHz, and a Phenom II X4 925—presumably just a Socket AM3 version of the current X4 920 part. Power envelopes should be 65W for the Athlon IIs, 80W for the dual-core Phenom IIs, and 95W for the X4 925.

If those reports check out, AMD will significantly broaden its 45nm desktop processor line with more affordable offerings. The cheapest Phenom II right now is the X3 710, which still costs $119 at Newegg. It's not difficult to imagine dual-core Athlon IIs priced well below $100 and fighting it out with Intel's Pentium E5000 series, by contrast.

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