Leaked Duke Nukem Forever images emerge

Between what we can only assume to be fits of nervous crying and looping Nine Inch Nails' And All That Could Have Been at full volume, some former 3D Realms staffers have leaked screenshots and concept art of Duke Nukem Forever on their personal blogs.

Shacknews gathered a few of the images and posted them in a couple of galleries: one for concept drawings (warning: topless woman within) and another gallery for what look like in-game level screenshots. You can find shots of game models on this Shackspace page. According to posts on the still-active 3D Realms forums, the shots were grabbed from the blog of 3D artist Chris Smith, which has now gone offline.

In case you missed the big news yesterday, 3D Realms closed down because of insufficient funding. Take-Two Interactive still has publishing rights to DNF, but neither Take-Two nor former 3D Realms higher-ups have released a statement about the game's ultimate fate.

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