Cooler Master announces Lynnfield-compatible cooler

Mainstream Core i7 derivatives must not be that far off, because Cooler Master has just announced a new heatsink with "first-ever full compatability [sic] with Intel LGA 1156 and previous socket types."

Intel's Core i7 processors fit in an LGA1366 socket, while the previous generation goes on smaller LGA775 grid arrays. As far as we're aware, LGA1156 is a new socket type geared to Lynnfield—a quad-core processor based on the same architecture as the Core i7, but with only two channels of memory and a different I/O connectivity setup.

Cooler Master's $19.99 Hyper TX3 should be able to cool Lynnfield CPUs along with pretty much any other processor released in recent history. (The compatibility list spans not just Intel LGA775 CPUs, but also AMD Socket 754, 939, 940, AM2, and AM3 processors.) As for the heatsink itself, it has a tower-style design, room for two 92-mm fans, and a set of heat pipes designed to make direct contact with the CPU heat spreader.

Cooler Master ships the TX3 with a 92-mm, four-pin, sleeve-bearing fan that has a range of 800-2800 RPM. Rated airflow goes from 16 to 55 CFM depending on the rotational speed, while noise output starts at 17 dB. (The company doesn't quote maximum noise levels.) Clips hold the fan(s) in place, so cleaning and maintenance should be relatively easy.

The Hyper TX3 may not be the biggest tower-style cooler around, but you'll probably want to check clearance if you're picking components for a future small-form-factor Core i5 rig. Cooler master says its new contraption is 5.5" (139 mm) tall. It weighs in at just over a pound (470 g), too.

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