Duke Forever video leaks, more news may come soon

Now that 3D Realms is no longer, fans are finally getting a peek at the game that's been shrouded in mystery for much of the past 12 years. After last week's leaked screenshots, a three-minute video showcasing Duke Nukem Forever has leaked into the wild. Shacknews has posted it here.

The video, which Shacknews says was initially targeted only at developers, shows a mix of run-and-gun gameplay, in-editor animations, boss fights, Duke dusting himself off, and scripted events (including "pig cops" that can run, leap, and climb buildings). There's also a copious amount of cursing and one almost-nude stripper, so readers may want to hold off watching until they get off work. You've been warned.

In related news, Shacknews also points to a Twitter post that may provide a glimmer of hope for Duke fans still in denial. The entry was posted by 3D Realms spinoff Apogee Software on Saturday, and it reads simply, "New press release from [Apogee] regarding Duke Nukem coming next week."

An earlier post on the same Twitter page said, "Apogee Software is officially not affected by the situation at 3DRealms. Development of the Duke Nukem Trilogy is continuing as planned ..." Since news of the continued Trilogy development for the PSP and Nintendo DS is already public, the incoming press release could be related to DNF.

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