Intel Pentium E6300 spotted in Japan

Remember that confusingly named Pentium processor we heard about in March? It's quite real, apparently. The people at have found several stores selling the CPU, and they've even posted photos of the product box.

According to those shots, the Pentium E6300 is based on 45nm process technology, runs at 2.8GHz, has a 1066MHz front-side bus and 2MB of L2 cache. E6300 was also the model name of one of Intel's first Core 2 Duo processors, which featured the same FSB speed and cache size but ran at only 1.86GHz. says prices for the new item range from ¥8,880 to ¥9,570, which works out to roughly $91-98. For what it's worth, Intel's most expensive E5000-series Pentium—the E5400—runs at 2.7GHz with an 800MHz FSB, and it currently costs $90 at Newegg. (Thanks to VR-Zone for the tip.)

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