Report: Next-gen AMD GPUs won't launch until fourth quarter

If you're waiting to upgrade until the next generation of high-end GPUs arrives, you may want to bide your time. Fudzilla reports that AMD may have postponed its next-gen graphics processor until the October-December time frame. That would coincide with the release of a competing part from Nvidia, it says.

The Fudzilla report talks of an RV870 GPU, which should supplant the RV770 and its derivatives at the high end of AMD's product line. "Many have expected that this card will launch either in late Q2 or early Q3, but we are hearing [it] might be pushed to later this year," the post goes on to say.

Fudzilla claims AMD's RV870 and Nvidia's upcoming GT300 will both feature DirectX 11 support. The site may be talking about full DX11 implementations here, since as we learned last year, some DX11 features should be backward-compatible with existing DX10 and DX10.1 GPUs.

According to an older story by NordicHardware, the RV870 will have 1200 stream processors (up from 800) as well as higher clocks, more texture units, and more render back-ends than the RV770. If AMD follows its current naming scheme, RV870-based graphics cards could be part of a new Radeon HD 5000 series.

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