Best of vaporware 2000

Wired has its Vaporware 2000 top ten list up detailing the best of what we've yet to see. With Windows 2000 taking the top prize for the previous two years, Wired has crowned a new champion, and managed to finger a bunch of others who have been making empty promises.
10: Tribes 2: Sierra Studios' Tribes 2 –- billed as "Team combat on an epic scale" –- was first previewed 18 months ago and has been a regular fixture in the gaming press ever since. Officially "Coming Soon."

"There's a hamster in the basement churning out screen shots for Tribes 2," Mara Smith said. "The rest of the developers have all gone home."

I won't give the rest of them away, suffice to say that everyone gets the shots they deserve. Other than what's on the list, anything you've been waiting for forever but seems to be stuck in the "when it's done" rut?
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