Microsoft says iTunes is expensive, promotes Zune Pass

We haven't been hearing much about the Zune lately. One might have even thought Microsoft was trying to sweep its in-house music player business under the rug, especially after Ballmer said the brand would live on as software for Windows Mobile phones.

Surprisingly, Microsoft has just released a new ad in which it attempts to promote its Zune music subscription service. As far as we know, that service only works on Zune players right now. Here's the ad in full:

Well, that's a departure from those Laptop Hunters spots. The "financial planner" in this ad does have a point, too: completely filling up an iPod with music from the iTunes store costs a lot of money, whereas paying a $15-a-month subscription for unlimited music access comes out cheaper—in the short term, at least. So, ditching that iPod and going with a Zune might save you money.

Naturally, Microsoft conveniently ignores the fact that most folks at least have an existing CD collection they can back up. The rise of MP3-only music download services also suggests users actually like owning their digital music, although to be fair, the Zune Pass service does include credits for 10 MP3 songs a month.

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