IDC estimates AMD's CPU market share at 22.3%

Remember those preliminary Mercury Research numbers that pinned AMD's share of the PC microprocessor market at 20.9%? Competing research firm IDC has published some similar market estimates, and it says AMD's piece of the pie was actually 22.3% last quarter.

That's a considerable 4.6-point share increase compared to the fourth quarter of last year, when AMD only commanded 17.7% of PC microprocessor shipments. Over the same stretch of time, IDC says Intel saw its own slice shrink from 81.9% to 77.3%.

More interesting still, IDC has published numbers for the desktop and mobile portions of the market. AMD reportedly grabbed 29.8% of desktop processor shipments in Q1—that's 3.8 more points than in Q4 2008. The underdog didn't do quite as well in mobile systems (its products only made up for 15% of laptop CPU shipments), but it still clawed back 4.7 points sequentially. Those gains probably reflect the success of AMD's Puma mobile platform as well as the new Phenom IIs on the desktop.

For the PC CPU market as a whole, IDC notes that shipments fell 13% and revenue dropped 25.1% compared to Q1 2008. Researcher Shane Rau comments, "Some inventory replenishment by [PC vendors] at the end of the quarter helped to slow the decline and bring the quarter in at a level only slightly worse than typical seasonal decline." Looking ahead, the firm expects a "modest" decline in shipments from Q1 to Q2.

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