AMD takes the Radeon HD 4890 to 1GHz

Just over a month on from the launch of the Radeon HD 4890, AMD has announced an "overclocked" version of the card with its GPU clocked at a blistering 1GHz. That's an 18% jump over the default 850MHz, and AMD says it results in a corresponding increase from from 1.36 to 1.6 teraFLOPS of floating-point number-crunching power.

AMD's press release also suggests this is the first graphics processor to break the 1GHz barrier. That claim sounds about right as far as commercial products go, since even "factory-overclocked" variants of Nvidia's competing GeForce GTX 285 only reach up into the neighborhood of 700MHz. Clock speed isn't everything, though—the stock GTX 285 running at 648MHz is actually faster than a 900MHz Radeon HD 4890 in many cases.

Left: PowerColor's PCS++ HD4890. Right: PowerColor's PCS++ HD4890 and Battle Forge game bundle.

Source: PowerColor.

Expect to see 1GHz Radeon HD 4890s from the usual suspects on store shelves. Asus calls its variant the EAH4890 Formula Series, PowerColor has announced the PCS++ HD4890, Sapphire is rolling out the HD 4890 Atomic Edition, and XFX has unveiled the Radeon HD 4890 Black Edition.

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