(Blurry) Larrabee die shot emerges

As a new product inches toward release, blurry pictures of it become increasingly likely to pop up on the Internet. That's proven true once again with Intel's upcoming discrete GPU—except rather than a gloomy basement in Taiwan, the blurry photo of Larrabee's die comes from an Intel event.

PC Games Hardware was on the scene at the opening of Saarland University's Visual Computing Institute in Germany, where Intel CTO Justin Rattner showed a Larrabee die shot. The site caught a high-res (yet still blurry) photo, which you can find here.

Based on that image, Ryan Shrout from PC Perspective speculates that the chip may include 32 cores with 32 vector processing units. However, he received a statement from Intel that said, "Larrabee is healthy and in our labs right now. There will be multiple versions of Larrabee over time. We are not releasing additional details at this time." That suggests initial Larrabee-based products could have a different number of cores.

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