FTC throws out Rambus antitrust case

Things are clearly going Rambus' way lately. Hynix agreed to pay the litigious memory technology company royalties on RAM sales back in March. Today, we see the Federal Trade Commission has dismissed its antitrust case against Rambus.

MarketWatch has the details:

The Los Altos, Calif.-based company said the FTC order "indicated it would not pursue further proceedings against Rambus" in the antitrust case.

Rambus quoted the FTC order as saying "the Commission finds that further litigation in this matter would not be in the public interest."

The FTC lashed out at Rambus in August 2006, saying the company filed patents on memory technologies unlawfully during its membership at the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council—the body that set the SDRAM and DDR SDRAM standards. (Rambus subsequently sued SDRAM memory makers that allegedly infringed on those patents.) However, in March of last year, a San Francisco jury ruled that the patent filings were lawful. (Thanks to TR reader tfp for mailing this in.)

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