Rumor: 95W, 3GHz Phenom II coming next quarter

AMD's Phenom II processors have proven competitive with (most of) Intel's finest Core 2 Quads, but they still tend to be a little power-hungrier. However, Fudzilla has word that AMD is planning a couple of new Phenom IIs with the same 95W power envelopes as vanilla Core 2 Quads—a step down compared to the 125W TDP of AMD's latest quad-cores.

Fudzilla predicts 95W Phenom IIs with the same 2.8GHz and 3GHz clock speeds as the existing Phenom II X4 920 and 940. These new, lower-power models will supposedly arrive in the middle of next quarter (so likely some time in August). At least in the case of the 3GHz model, Fudzilla suggests AMD will simply replace a current processor, the 125W Phenom II X4 945, with a lower-power revision instead of introducing a whole new product.

That may not be all AMD has planned in terms of low-power desktop CPUs, either. A separate report from last week said AMD also has 65W quad-core Phenom IIs and 45W quad-core Athlon IIs in the works, although those chips will reportedly only run at up to 2.5GHz. Still, those products could arrive before the rumored 95W Phenom II X4s.

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