AMD isn't worried about Intel licensing threats

In March, Intel accused AMD of breaking the two companies' cross-licensing agreement by spinning off its foundry business. It also threatened to pull AMD's license within 60 days. What's AMD done since then to resolve the situation? Not a whole lot, apparently.

The day before the end of the two-month period, AMD Corporate VP and Asia-Pacific General Manager Benjamin Williams expressed a surprising lack of worry in an interview with ZDNet Asia:

"It's one of those areas that we weren't concerned with, (and) we obviously would not have done and structured the deal the way we had, thinking there was some challenge with the licensing and structure," he noted. "You're not hearing anything about (the issue) now; we're not concerned with it."

Williams went on to point out that the agreement "goes both ways," since Intel also uses some AMD technology. x86-64 may come to mind, but Williams also pointed to the integrated memory controller inside Intel's Core i7 and Xeon 5500-series CPUs—another AMD first in the x86 world, and supposedly, another technology Intel licenses as part of the agreement.

According to the executive, Intel's threats were a mere diversion meant to draw attention from the European Commission's antitrust case. Since the Commission slapped Intel with a record fine last week, perhaps AMD simply doesn't expect to hear back about its alleged license breaking.

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