Next AMD laptop platform to go on display in June

AMD may have gained back some notebook CPU market share last quarter, but those 65nm Turions in the company's Puma platform aren't getting any younger. According to DigiTimes, however, AMD is just two or three weeks away from showing its next mainstream mobile platform: Tigris.

As AMD revealed last November, Tigris will include new 45nm Caspian processors with two cores, 2MB of cache per chip, and DDR2 memory support. Quoting a Commercial Times report, DigiTimes adds that the platform will include an RS880M chipset and "55nm or 40nm M9X [graphics processors]." Tigris-based systems may not actually become available until a little later, though—AMD said in November it was prepping the new platform for the second half of this year.

Alongside Tigris, DigiTimes says we can expect AMD to demo its 2010 notebook platform. That one will combine quad-core Champlain processors, DDR3 memory, USB 3.0 support, and next-generation graphics processors code-named Manhattan.

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