Nvidia's Huang talks Intel chip bundling, legal action

AMD may have been the loudest voice against Intel's alleged anti-competitive dealings, but that doesn't make it the only one. As Reuters reports, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has also given his two cents in the aftermath of the European Commission's antitrust action.

Huang spoke about the Atom processor, calling Intel's custom of pricing Atom CPU-and-chipset bundles more attractively than lone processors "unfair." The CEO even quoted figures: he claims an Atom CPU costs $45 by itself, but a three-chip bundle (presumably including an Atom processor, north bridge chip, and south bridge) is only $25.

Though he never mentioned actual prices, Intel CEO Paul Otellini himself recently confirmed the bundling tactic in a conference call about the European Commission's $1.44-billion antitrust fine. Among other statements, Otellini commented, "We have historically offered better pricing to people that buy more products. Nothing new there."

Atom chipset bundling might make it harder for Nvidia to promote its newly launched Ion platform chipset GPU. That said, Huang ruled out legal action against Intel—at least in the near term. "I hope it doesn't come down to that," he told Reuters. "We have to do whatever we have to do when the time comes. We really hope this company (Intel) will compete on a fair basis." Nvidia said last month it expects more than 40 Ion-powered systems to launch by the end of September.

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