New OCZ SSDs pack more cache, write faster

Fresh from the launch of its enterprise-focused Vertex EX solid-state drives, OCZ has further expanded its enthusiast lineup with a trio of 2.5" Summit SSDs. Compared to OCZ's previous consumer top-of-the-line, the Vertex series, the new Summit drives have bigger caches and markedly higher write performance ratings.

Or, in the words of OCZ's marketing department, the new products "bridge the gap between the needs of high-end gaming and professional desktops and notebooks to small scale server PCs that require amplified criteria for maintaining a solid and stable work environment."

In any case, the firm is rolling out 60, 120, and 250GB Summit SSDs, all of which have 128MB buffers and "premium" multi-level-cell flash memory. The latter two can reach top read speeds of 220MB/s and top sustained write speeds of 200MB/s, while the 60GB flavor can only write at a sustained 120MB/s. By comparison, Vertex SSDs have maximum sustained write speed ratings in the 70-100MB/s range (although their top read speeds are higher).

OCZ tells us that the new Summit drives feature the same Samsung S3C29RBB01-YK40 controller as Corsair's P256 and Samsung's PB22-J SSDs—both of which we reviewed recently. We found that the Corsair and Samsung drives offer nearly identical performance.  Since those drives also feature 128MB of cache, just like the new OCZ, it's probably safe to assume that the Summit's performance is comparable to that of the Samsung and Corsair units.

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