Rumor: Next-gen, OLED iPhone coming on July 17

A new iPhone is coming. That's probably not much of a revelation, since Apple launched new handsets last summer and the summer before, but we now have some juicy leaked info to sink our teeth into. Or, to be more precise, the folks at the unofficial Apple iPhone Apps blog have gotten juicy leaked info from a purportedly reputable source "closely connected to Apple’s hardware development team."

Said source claims the third-gen iPhone will launch on July 17 at the same $199 and $299 subsidized price points as the current device—except Apple will double capacities to 16GB and 32GB. The new cell phone will supposedly have twice the processing power and twice the RAM of its forebear. Throw a power-sipping OLED display into the mix, though, and battery life should actually be 50% higher.

Physically, the Apple iPhone Apps blog claims the next-gen handset will have a sleeker design with no metal around the edges, a rubberized back, and a glowing Apple logo.

Other notable additions, according to the report: a clearer, higher-resolution camera, the ability to send pictures and videos via MMS (like most other 3G phones have been able to do forever), and a "revolutionary" feature that will combine the camera, GPS, Google Maps, and a built-in compass to identify photo locations.

If three-month-old analyst forecasts are still correct, this third-gen iPhone could launch alongside a cheaper, stripped-down model priced at just $99. Word in February was that this $99 handset would have about the same feature set as the original iPhone. (Thanks to Engadget for the first link.)

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