Kingston tries to ease SSD transition with upgrade bundle

Do you find solid-state drives tempting, but loathe the idea of having to reinstall your operating system, back up your data, and maybe try to fit a 2.5" SSD inside a desktop enclosure? If so, you're probably the type of customer Kingston had in mind when it devised its new SSDNow M Series Bundle.

The bundle is built around Kingston-branded versions of Intel's 80GB and 160GB X25-M SSDs, which Kingston complements with the following: a copy of Acronis' True Image cloning software, 2.5"-to-3.5" drive rails and screws, a USB enclosure with a bundled cable, and extender cables for Serial ATA data and power connections.

Thanks to these extras, you should be able to image the contents of your system drive onto an SSD via the external USB enclosure, then either squeeze the new drive into a laptop or use the adapter bracket to mount it inside a desktop. Simple.

Kingston says it's pricing the 80GB version of the bundle at $427.50 and the 160GB variant at $843, but you can already get both bundles at Newegg for a respective $345 and $669. By comparison, Newegg charges $315 for the bare Intel-branded 80GB X25-M and $620 for the 160GB model. The Kingston bundles do come at a premium, then, although it's a relatively small one considering the prices of the SSDs themselves.

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