Microsoft readies new-and-improved search engine

Despite Microsoft's branding and marketing efforts—not to mention the attempted Yahoo takeover—Live Search still has a tiny fraction of Google's search engine market share. The balance might start to shift next week, though.  That's when eWeek says Microsoft will roll out a revamped search engine code-named Kumo.

What makes Kumo special? The star feature is a new grouping system, which eWeek describes as follows:

Kumo will organize search results in an efficient way, grouping them into sub-categories, and represents an upgrade from Microsoft's Live Search. For example, if you do a search of "Audi S8," it will feed back results categorized under "Audi S8 Parts," "Used Audi S8," "Top images for Audi S8," and "Top video for Audi S8." In theory, this will result in faster searches, sparing the community from having to sort on their own through pages of ungrouped hyperlinks.

The folks at CNet have even come upon a screenshot of Kumo in action, showing a result categories column as well as a brighter, more elaborate graphical design. Microsoft will apparently retain the Live Search brand and domain name, however.

According to eWeek, we can expect Microsoft to unveil the new search engine at the All Things Digital conference that starts on May 26.

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