Thursday Shortbread


  1. Cable: Let us experiment with pricing or the Internet explodes
  2. Microsoft ordered to pay $200 million in patent case
  3. DigiTimes reports TSMC chairman asks all laid-off employess to return, says the worst is over
  4. Apple could sell Macs in Walmarts, analyst says
  5. C|Net reports Russian clone-maker the latest to take on Apple
  6. DailyTech reports Microsoft's ads pull Jedi mind trick, convince customers to turn back on Apple
  7. Ars Technica reports storage densities that may yield 12TB DVD demonstrated
  8. Hardware-Infos reports Nvidia G300 samples clock at 700 / 1600 / 1100MHz
  9. NordicHardware reports Micron bets on DDR3 for graphics cards
  10. VR-Zone reports first Radeon HD 4730 card to hit retail soon
    and NEC unveils USB 3.0 PCI Express card
  11. Expreview reports Asus unveils Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim sound card
  12. Experience hassle-free hardware-based overclocking with the Asus ROG OC Station
  13. The Register reports Western Digital debuts 2TB power sipping drive
  14. NordicHardware reports SilverStone preparing 1500W power supply - ST1500
  15. TweakTown reports Dell launches 10.1" Latitude netbook (thanks UberGerbil)
  16. Acer says to make Android phone in 2009
  17. Fudzilla reports swapping files is fair use
  18. C|Net on RealDVD case: Real introduces surprise witness
  19. [OC]ModShop on iCommerce: How Apple changed the game
  20. [H]ard|OCP on 3D Blu-ray camcorder concept

  1. Where is Vista SP2?
  2. Microsoft and Netflix enhance movie and TV watching on the PC
  3. SuperSite for Windows has Windows 7 feature focus: Scenic Ribbon, Paint & WordPad
  4. VIA Arena on optimizing Windows Vista for mini-notebooks
  5. Tech ARP posts the latest Microsoft Windows 7 roadmap rev. 3.3
    and Office 2007 Service Pack 2 details rev. 2.0
  6. CTP of Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 available
  7. Slashdot reports Mac OS X users vulnerable to major Java flaw
  8. Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 release announcement
  9. Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1: Now available to the public
  10. C|Net reports Adobe to release security updates a la Patch Tuesday
  11. Final Firefox 3.5 update: A new logo
  12. Microsoft's My Phone Service Beta open for public
  13. Digital Trends: Can Zune Pass or Napster beat iTunes?

  1. Dominate DirectX 10.1 games with ATI Radeon Preimum graphics
  2. TG Daily reports California attorney general demands
    Supreme Court resurrect violent video game ban
  3. Fudzilla reports Sony PSP could be flirting with download rentals
  4. TF 2 update: Shacknews reports Sniper gets April Fool's, first TF2 comic
    and early trailer for Team Ico's 'Project Trico' leaked?
  5. bit-tech reviews Bionic Commando
  6. World of Warcraft patch 3.1.2
  7. Steam client, CS 1.6, Dawn of War II, and Zeno Clash updates released
Systems and networking storage

  1. FiringSquad reviews Asus W90Vp
  2. Digital Trends on best PCs under $500
  3. PC Perspective has Intel Pine Trail & Moblin updates
  4. AnandTech: Intel's Atom processor compared to 68 CPUs in bench
  5. [H] Enthusiast does real world gameplay CPU scaling
  6. VIA Arena: Dell chooses VIA Nano for new servers
  7. TweakTown reports DFI's UT and DK Intel P55 mobos get early showing
  8. TechwareLabs review Asus P6T
  9. HotHardware reviews WD My Book World Edition NAS device
  10. Computing on Demand: Sockso Music Server on WHS

  1. TweakTown reviews Inno3D GeForce GTX 275 OC
  2. PureOverclock reviews EVGA GeForce GTX 275
  3. PCStats reviews Gigabyte GV-R477D5-512H-B
  4. reviews MSI R4770-T2D512
  5. Digital Trends reviews Canon EOS Rebel T1i
  6. VR-Zone reviews Wacom Intuos 4
  7. HardwareZone on HTC Magic - Revealing the secret
  8. ASE Labs review Honeywell Airlite 740 Bluetooth headset
  9. TechwareLabs review Brite-Strike Blue Dot Series illumination
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. ProClockers review 850W SilverStone Element PSU
  2. DeXgo reviews 650W Lian Li PS-S650GE PSU (in German)
  3. ThinkComputers reviews Mophie Juice Pack Air
  4. bit-tech features Chris Cook's AtomWood case mod
  5. Hardware Canucks and Neoseeker review Cooler Master Scout case
  6. TweakPC reviews Lian Li PC-9 case (in German)
  7. Björn3D reviews HornetTek X2-JBOD dual 3.5" external enclosure
  8. Madshrimps have Core i7 CPU water block roundup - May 2009
  9. DriverHeaven reviews CoolIT WS 240 dual CPU cooling system
  10. TestFreaks review Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler
  11. Modders-Inc reviews Thermaltake SpinQ CPU cooler
  12. FrostyTech reviews GlacialTech UFO V51 Silent heatsink
  13. Technic3D reviews Noctua NH-C12P CPU cooler (in German)
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