Circuit City website to reopen soon

No, we haven't slipped into an alternate reality where Circuit City didn't go out of business and close down all of its stores. Rather, as the Associated Press reports, Systemax has bought the Circuit City brand and plans to reanimate the chain's zombie corpse reopen the website "in the next few days."

Reportedly, Systemax paid the tidy sum of $14 million for Circuit City's "intellectual property assets." The firm has also agreed to pay $3 million in royalties over 30 months to the remains of the former store chain. The current placeholder welcome page at promises that the new website will offer "Lower Prices, new Wider Selection, new Faster Shipping, and a better 24/7 Customer First Service Department."

As the AP points out, Systemax also snatched up the CompUSA brand and a handful of stores after that chain closed down last year. Systemax also owns U.S. and Canadian online retailer TigerDirect.

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