Google Chrome gets big JavaScript speed boost

Slowly, but surely, Google is building its Chrome web browser into an even fiercer competitor to Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. According to a post on the official Google Blog, the latest public release brings major performance improvements as well as a handful of extra features.

The speed gains center on JavaScript performance. In Google's own V8 Benchmark Suite, the new Chrome release is purportedly 32% faster than the current stable version. That should translate into palpable gains with not just Google's own Gmail and Docs services, but other JavaScript-heavy pages, as well.

Other improvements in the new Chrome update: the ability to remove pages from the "Most visited" list in new tabs, form auto-filling, and a full-screen mode (accessible by hitting F11, just like in Firefox). Oh, and Google says it's also fixed more than 300 bugs since Chrome's initial launch.

The update should propagate silently to current Chrome users. (And indeed, it seems to have reached one of our systems already.) If you're still waiting and are feeling particularly bored, you can watch a video about the new release here.

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