AMD 760MP and ALi's PIII DDR mobo info has some information on the AMD 760MP. This highly anticipated chipset will use the dual processor capable AMD 762 North Bridge and the AMD 766 South Bridge (same as AMD 760). The chipset itself will debut in February or March with actual motherboards appearing by the end of March. Tyan and Gigabyte are expected to be the first two to market.

There is some ALi Aladdin 5 Pro chipset news as well. This is to be a Socket 370/FC-PGA platform supporting PC1600/PC2100 DDR SDRAM. Lucky Star has announced their 6AAP5 motherboard based on this chipset and Soyo is planning a February announcement of its SY-7ADA Pentium III/DDR mainboard.

A 2001 processor roadmap has AMD's Palomino (beginning at 1.5GHz) and Morgan (starting at 900MHz) slated for a May release. Intel is set to counter in July with a 2GHz Pentium 4 and a 1.26GHz Tualatin-256 (0.13 micron process Pentium III). Northwood (0.13 micron Pentium 4) is forecasted for October.

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