BioShock 2 hitting PCs on November 3

We saw the teaser content, the announcement, and the gameplay footage. Now, we have a release date. Shacknews says Take-Two Interactive has announced that BioShock 2 will hit North American store shelves on November 3.

The official Cult of Rapture website confirms that the game will come out simultaneously on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. (Take-Two didn't echo platform information in a recent earnings call, Shacknews adds.) Cult of Rapture also notes that BioShock 2 will reach our friends across the Atlantic and Pacific on October 30, giving them a short head start.

According to Jordan Thomas, the game's Creative Director, BioShock 2 will take place "many years" after the original and let the player fill the shoes of the very first Big Daddy. You'll still roam the halls of Rapture, but the "splicers" that inhabit it should pose a smaller threat. However, the protagonist will also have to deal with the Big Sister—a nimble mechanized creature with more potent attacks.

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