Corsair adds modular 750W, 850W PSUs

For the longest time, Corsair's modular power supply line has had a hole between the 620W and king-sized 1,000W models. Corsair has now bridge that gap with not one, but two shiny new PSUs: the HX750 and HX850.

As their names suggest, the new units are rated for maximum power delivery of 750W and 850W, respectively. Both models have single 12V rails delivering the bulk of their power, efficiency ratings of up to 90%, and temperature-controlled 140 mms fan with a "specially modified fan-speed curve that prevents the fan from 'spinning up' until the PSU reaches 70% of the rated load." Oh, and let's not forget the seven-year warranty coverage.

Connectivity-wise, Corsair offers a relatively generous bundle of modular cables. The HX750 has 12 Serial ATA connectors, eight Molex connectors, and four PCI Express 6/8-pin connectors. To that, the HX850 adds an extra four Molex and two PCIe connectors.

Corsair's press release doesn't mention pricing. However, since the HX620 costs $150 at Newegg right now, and the HX1000 is $240, one would assume that the two newcomers will fall somewhere in between.

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