Unannounced Core i7s show up in listings

Some online retailers just love jumping the gun on unannounced products. PC World reports that this time, a couple of e-tailers have posted listings for Core i7 processors that are nowhere to be found in Intel's official price list (PDF) or CPU database.

The two sites, PCs For Everyone and Provantage, both let customers pre-order a Core i7-975 Extreme Edition with a 3.33GHz clock speed and a price tag over the $1,000 mark. The CPU otherwise looks to have the same specs as the current Core i7-965, which runs at a slightly lower 3.2GHz.

PCs For Everyone also lists a more affordable Core i7-950. Clocked at 3.06GHz with no Extreme Edition label, this CPU is up for pre-order at $649. PC World speculates that the i7-950 could replace the current $560 Core i7-940 altogether—a switch that would leave a bigger gap between the cheapest of the bunch, the $280 Core i7-920, and the next step up.

Intel's plans might come to light officially before too long. PCs For Everyone quotes a May 31 availability date for both of the unannounced CPUs, while ProVantage claims to have 25 Core i7-975 Extreme Edition chips in stock already.

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