Say hello to Bing, Microsoft's 'decision engine'

"Because the world doesn't need just another search engine. It needs a decision engine."

Microsoft has revealed the branding and marketing initiative for its revamped search engine. Code-named Kumo and demonstrated as another iteration of Live Search, the search engine will now go public as Bing.

A teaser page is already up, as is an introductory video showing what makes the new engine special. Both the video and Microsoft's press release frame Bing as a "decision engine," since it apparently has a wealth of features to help users shop, find restaurants, book flights, look up medical information, and so on.

The new engine "will begin to roll out over the coming days and will be fully deployed worldwide on Wednesday, June 3," Microsoft says. Until then, you can pass the time by checking out Ars Technica's hands-on preview.

Ars shows how Bing integrates product price matching, travel, weather, and news while trying to make sense of users' searches to suggest relevant categories. However, the preview goes on to say that Microsoft hasn't made much progress increasing the relevance of results: "for day-to-day searches Bing is definitely a mixed bag. The results for some queries blow my mind: how is it possible that the results can be so preposterously useless?"

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