Matrox's Win2K drivers ready to roll

Now this is an interesting development. Matrox has released full-featured Windows 2000 drivers for its G200 and G400 cards well in advance of the Win2K release. I'm pleased to see it, because a number of other component manufacturers are lagging behind or even withholding their Win2K drivers until the final Microsoft product ships. Plus, hey, this is Matrox, and they've got OpenGL support early:
The Matrox beta 5.00.007 driver for Windows 2000 includes Matrox's full OpenGL ICD (compliant with the latest 1.2 specifications); DirectX 7 for full Direct3D support; full Matrox G400 DualHead Display capability; and full support for the Matrox PowerDesk suite of utilities.
You can grab the drivers right here.
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