We get a first glance at Pine Trail netbooks

COMPUTEX — Intel isn't just focusing on fancy quad-core processors at Computex—far from it. At a keynote presentation earlier today, Intel's Mooly Eden and Sean Maloney gave the first public demo of Pine Trail, the next-generation Atom platform for netbooks.

We elbowed our way into the front row of eager attendees and grabbed some photos of pictures of the demo systems. The panel included an Asus Eee PC prototype, an MSI Wind prototype, and a third mystery netbook with no discernible branding on it.

Where the current Atom platform for netbooks combines the CPU, an aging 945 north bridge, and a separate ICH7 south bridge, Pine Trail will include only two chips: one for the processor and graphics, and another for the I/O. Pine Trail is on track to hit production in the fourth quarter of this year.

At the same event, Eden formally announced Intel's consumer ultra-low-voltage (CULV) processors and accompanying GS40 chipset. CULV CPUs have thermal envelopes up to 10W, and they should fit into ultra-thin, affordable laptops like the newly released MSI X340.

Last, but not least, Intel announced a new 3.06GHz mobile Core 2 CPU. You can learn more by checking out Intel's press release about the new CULV hardware and the faster standard-voltage Core 2.

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