Seasonic PSU is 90% efficient, silent below 20% load

COMPUTEX — Power supply efficiency is the latest craze, and the sheer number of 80 Plus-certified PSUs at Computex is a clear testament to that. Seasonic may have the most unique one, though.

The firm's new X-Series power supply series include 650W and 750W models, both of which have 80 Plus Gold certification. That means the unit reaches a 90% efficiency level when it's loaded to 50%. (Efficiency at 20% and 100% loads is a lesser but still impressive 87%.)

Even more interesting is the X-Series internal design, which looks surprisingly bare compared to traditional units crammed with heatsinks and capacitors. Seasonic wouldn't let us take pictures, but it uses a second circuit board stuck right up against the modular connectors at the back to reduce the number of wires inside the casing. Also, presumably, the high efficiency should mean the internal components generate less heat, which in turn requires less cooling.

Thanks to that design, Seasonic says the cooling fan inside an X-Series PSU just won't switch on until the unit reaches a 20% load. Now, the company also told us temperature will determine the fan speed, so the fan may not turn off in a particularly cramped or poorly ventilated system. Still, Seasonic designed the X-Series to be entirely passively cooled in a regular PC at sub-20% loads. And that's without massive heatsinks poking out the back.

Seasonic expects X-Series power supplies to be available at online retailers in late July or early August.

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