In Win 2.5'' drive enclosure has RFID encryption

COMPUTEX — In Win's Computex booth caught our eye because of the strong military theme and the decommissioned assault rifles lying around. (More on that later.) That theme choice wasn't entirely gratuitous, as it turned out, because the firm was pimping its new rifle magazine-styled Ammo hard drive enclosure.

The Ammo is designed to enclose 2.5" mobile hard drives and connect them to an outside system via USB. The steel enclosure certainly looks distinctive, and coupled with the internal silicon shock absorbers, it ought to keep the hard drive inside relatively safe from shocks. Well, as long as the hard drive's guts stay in place.

That's not the most interesting part, though. See that dog tag in the photo? That's not decorative. Set it within 5 mm of the enclosure, and the RFID chip inside will unlock the contents of your hard drive. Pull the dog tag away, and the built-in RFID encryption technology purportedly makes your files inaccessible.

In Win expects the Ammo to reach U.S. shores next month with a suggested retail price of $50.

On another note, In Win was seemingly balancing out the military theme in the biggest part of its booth with a smaller, girly-themed section at the back. In that section, we saw this:

Looks like a porcelain box, doesn't it? Well, that's actually the NA, a 3.5" hard drive enclosure. Yeah, it's got cables poking out the back and everything. The activity light shines through the lid, and you can slide that lid off easily to reveal the hard drive mounting mechanism under it. This isn't quite as new a  product as the Ammo, though—it's already available at Newegg for $35.99.

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