Saturday Shortbread


  1. AMD CEO talks to Fudzilla
  2. Steve Jobs may spark move in Apple shares on Monday
  3. Fudzilla reports new iPhone will have built-in 3D graphics
  4. Sprint CEO sees Pre as Sprint "coming out party"
  5. DSLReports: Broadband prices dropping, just not for you
  6. No Apple-like attack ads for Microsoft's big-bucks Bing campaign
  7. TG Daily reports Intel to retire Skulltrail QX9775 processor
  8. TweakTown's ASRock video booth tour - P55 motherboards and Ion
    and SilverStone demos truly unique Raven 2 case on vid
  9. AnandTech covers Computex 2009: Gigabyte
  10. HardwareZone's Computex 2009 coverage part 5, part 6, and part 7
  11. DigiTimes reports GlobalFoundries says 45nm yields improved, on track to ramp 28nm by 2011
  12. Ars Technica on SanDisk nCache SSDs: Subsector remap, remapped
  13. VR-Zone reports Google enhanced search with Google Square
Software and gaming

  1. Engadget reports Best Buy memo explains that Vista
    doesn't work, details Windows 7 upgrade plans
  2. Analyst says economy leading some users to bypass Office 2007
  3. Tech ARP: Microsoft Windows 7 SKU strategy revealed rev. 4.0
  4. The Chromium Blog reports danger: Mac and Linux builds available
  5. C|Net reports Apple aims to reset bar for mobile apps
  6. Gizmodo reports Sony to offer new digital copies of your old UMD games
  7. Ars Technica talks digital distribution with Sony, plays with PSP Go
  8. Shacknews: New Wii Zelda concept art revealed
  9. No monthly payments for StarCraft II
  10. Legit Reviews has E3 2009 - Final day's coverage
  11. Futurelooks has E3 2009: Wicked rhythm game roundup
  12. Gaming Heaven reviews Tunnel Rats (PC)
  13. Steam's weekend deal: Penumbra survival horror games 75% off
  14. The Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien's set looks like Super Mario

  1. HotHardware reviews MSI GT627-216US gaming notebook
  2. iXBT Labs on overclocker DDR3 memory for Socket AM3
  3. TestFreaks: 64GB OCZ Rally2 flash drive revisited
  4. CPU3D reviews HIS HD 4890 Turbo 1GB
  5. Hardware Bistro reviews Galaxy GeForce 9800 GT low power
  6. ITreviewed on Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II
  7. DriverHeaven reviews 910W PC Power & Cooling Silencer PSU
  8. Overclockers Online reviews Antec P193 case
  9. techPowerUp! reviews Chieftec Dragon CH-07B-R case
  10. TweakPC reviews HEC Compucase 6XR9 (in German)
  11. DeXgo reviews Aqua Computer Highflow flow sensor (in German)
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