Enermax brings 80 Plus Gold to lower wattages

COMPUTEX — We saw a handful of 80 Plus Gold-certified power supplies at the show last week (including Seasonic and OCZ models), but they all had relatively high wattage ratings—usually 650W and up. Enermax was the only firm we saw with 450W and 550W "Gold" PSUs in the works.

The Revolution brand name on these units might be temporary, but the features aren't: Enermax told us the new PSUs manage up to 92% efficiency—that's actually above the 80 Plus Gold certification threshold—and they have quiet, magnetic-bearing fans that should last longer than their sleeve- and ball-bearing counterparts. The new PSUs also feature multiple 12V rails and modular cabling.

Enermax expects to start shipping 450W, 550W, and 650W Revolution power supplies (or whatever the final name ends up being) in the third quarter of this year. While the firm didn't reveal pricing, we'd expect even the 450W to carry a premium over competitors with comparable wattage ratings but lower claimed efficiencies.

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