Asus sets its sights on Apple

Could Asus be the next Apple? Steve Jobs would probably snort at the notion, but Apple's Taiwanese rival certainly seems to have high aspirations. Asus Vice Chairman Jonathan Tsang told the New York Times' Bits blog, "Our goal is to provide products that are better than Apple's."

Tsang also believes Asus needs to work harder to conquer customers in the U.S. "Before, we have been too conservative . . . We need to do better communications with the customers to let them know Asus is not only an Asian company." Part of that conquest will involve wowing consumers with cool, innovative products. Innovation may actually take center stage, since the Times says Asus allocates much of its funds to engineering and little to marketing.

Asus isn't trying to outdo just Apple, either. Tsang went on to claim his company has a better product than the Nintendo Wii, at least from a hardware perspective. (He was presumably referring to Eee systems and their companion motion-sensing controllers, which the Times says are purportedly more sensitive than the Wiimote.) Unsurprisingly, however, Tsang went on to call the content side of the endeavor "complicated" and a "chicken-and-egg problem."

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