Report: Pine Trail may launch as early as October

At Computex last week, Intel gave attendees a sneak peek at upcoming netbooks based on the Pine Trail platform. Today, DigiTimes reports that the first Pine Trail chips will launch in October "at the earliest."

Pine Trail integrates a microprocessor core, graphics processor, and north bridge functionality into a single piece of silicon, code-named Pineview. DigiTimes says Intel will dub the Pineview chip Atom N450. Pineview's companion I/O hub, Tiger Point, will reportedly be called NM10.

System information dialogs on the prototype Pine Trail netbooks we saw quoted a 1.66GHz CPU clock speed, so Pine Trail may not usher in any major performance improvements—not as far as the processor core goes, at least. The move from three to two chips could allow for more compact systems and perhaps lower prices, though.

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