Cooler Master preps fancy twin-laser gaming mouse

When enthusiasts hear the Cooler Master name, they're probably more likely to think about enclosures like the Cosmos 1000 than gaming peripherals. Be that as it may, Cooler Master showed us a surprisingly elaborate gaming mouse when we visited its Computex suite last week.

The Sentinel Advance has twin laser sensors, which purportedly work together using the doppler effect to improve accuracy. The official spec sheet mentions a maximum resolution of 5,000 DPI, and it says the rodent can handle a 4 m/s tracking speed and 50 g of acceleration.

There are also eight buttons, an OLED display, 64KB of onboard memory to store user profiles, an eight-color illumination system (the grated part at the top of the mouse lights up), and a set of removable weights.

How much will all of these goodies set you back? $59, Cooler Master says. That's actually cheaper than other wired gaming mice from the likes of Logitech.

We took the Sentinel Advance for a quick spin in Crysis Warhead, and the mouse does feel very smooth—both in terms of tactile quality and in-game response. The front area feels a little wider than on most mice, and the wheel produces distinct but subtle clicks. Cooler Master also didn't implement side-scrolling, which might be a positive or a negative depending on your view.

Look for the Sentinel Advance to hit stores in early September.

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