NVIDIA Detonator 7.27 to support 3D glasses?

ComputerBase (German website) has some information about the upcoming NVIDIA Detonator 7.27 driver. In addition to supporting HSR (hidden surface removal), it may have integrated stereo support for 3D glasses like the Elsa 3D Revelator. Initial support is believed to be limited to OpenGL but the 7.30 driver (next revision) will have Direct3D support as well. The source code is alleged to be in the 7.17 driver but is inactive. While some OEMs are said to have the 7.27 driver, we will have to wait and see.

Update: 3DGPU claims to have inside information from a NVIDIA employee that the NVIDIA Detonator 7.27 driver will not have HSR (hidden surface removal). ComputerBase is also reporting that the 7.27 driver will see an official (not leaked) release on January 8. Take these items to be hearsay until further notice.

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