11.6'' Eee may reach Europe this month at €399

We got to see Asus' 11.6-inch Eee PC 1101HA first-hand a couple of weeks ago, but Asus didn't tell us about release plans or how much it intends to charge for the netbook. Today, Netbook Italia claims to have filled in those blanks—at least as far as the European market is concerned.

Asus will roll out the 1101HA across the Old Continent by the end of the month, Netbook Italia says, and prices will start at €399. That figure technically works out to around $550 U.S., but considering typical Eurozone pricing, we'd expect pricing closer to $400 across the Atlantic. (For instance, French e-tailers charge roughly €370 for the Eee PC 1000HE, but that same netbook can be had for $376 in the States.)

A separate site, The Netbook Market, also reports that shipments of Asus' Eee PC T91 tablet are starting today. The T91 has an 8.9" touch screen that can swivel and rotate, similar to the Gigabyte M912 "nettablet" we reviewed last year. (Thanks to Engadget for the links.)

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