Report: MacBook Pros have half-speed Serial ATA

Just over a week ago, Apple revamped its MacBook Pro lineup with lower prices, better batteries, and some miscellaneous design changes. According to Mac Rumors, one of those design changes may not have been for the better.

User reports suggest the Serial ATA interfaces inside some of the new 13" and 15" MacBook Pro are running at 150MB/s instead of the full 300MB/s. Think first-gen SATA. That may not have a particularly noticeable impact on performance with slower mobile hard drives, but throw in a solid-state drive, and users could miss out on more significant (and dearly purchased) performance gains.

MacBook Pro owners are already complaining about the problem in droves on the official Apple forums. Meanwhile, an informal poll on the Mac Rumors forums hints that some of the new MacBook Pros don't suffer from the issue. Assuming the crippling isn't intentional or due to a hardware problem, Apple might be able to issue a fix in the form of a firmware update—we'll have to wait for an official comment from the company, though.

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