AMD said to prep next-gen chipsets for early 2010

A new generation of chipsets will sweep away AMD's aging 7-series lineup early next year, according to DigiTimes. Sourcing its informers at motherboard firms yet again, the site says new core logic products code-named RD890 and RS880D will show up alongside a new SB800 south bridge in January 2010.

Reportedly, the chipsets will go through an engineering verification test phase this month, followed by design-verification testing in July and mass production in November. The RD890 will replace the RD790, which has powered 790FX motherboards for roughly two and a half years. As for the RS880D, it will include an RV620-based integrated graphics core with DirectX 10.1 capabilities. Both chipsets should pair up with current and future Socket AM3 Phenom IIs.

DigiTimes doesn't say much about the matching SB800 south bridge, but judging by what other hardware makers are up to, you might just see 6Gbps Serial ATA support. (Let's hope AMD also fixes those AHCI performance snags into which we've been running.)

Last, but not least, DigiTimes says a new 785G integrated graphics chipset will debut in September. We actually took a peek at 785G-based motherboard prototypes at Computex earlier this month (see below). Word is that this chipset will have a DirectX 10.1-capable graphics core with improved video decoding capabilities, but its gaming performance will be about on par with the 780G.

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